How to prevent psoriasis


Moderate exercise: Patients with psoriasis in moderate exercise not only can effectively enhance the body resistance, but also a breath of fresh air, regulation of respiratory system, the prevention of respiratory tract infections, reduce the rate of recurrence of psoriasis. Moderate sun exposure in patients with psoriasis: moderate sun is conducive to the elimination of bacteria on the skin, improve skin immunity, accelerate the conversion of vitamin D in the human body, the skin lesions of psoriasis have some relief. Avoid allergies: due to diet or drugs, occurrence or contact with a substance and allergies can often induce psoriasis. After each recurrence patients, need to carefully recalled recently had taken what things or exposure to certain substances, so that the skin itching, and erythema that this substance, should avoid contact with the future. Keep optimistic attitude: the elimination of trouble and sorrow, optimistic mood is the most important factor for adult disease prevention and control, to give play to the subjective positive factors, strengthen the psychological bearing ability, does not conform to the objective things do not want to, do not do. Science: take a shower take a shower of psoriasis patients need to do science, to achieve the clean skin, dispel the itching, promote blood circulation, and thus achieve the purpose of remission in patients with disease, one of which is the method of prevention of psoriasis.

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