The elderly exercise can promote cardiovascular function


Exercise can obviously and effectively improve the function of cardiovascular system, the main performance is: enhance myocardial contractility, in which the heart pump blood volume increase, accelerate blood circulation, blood vessel elasticity increased, because the function of the cardiovascular system to improve, make the whole body each system, organ, cell to supply adequate nutrition. Dynamic can increase muscle strength, because the movement essence is realized by muscle contraction and relaxation activities. Muscle contraction and relaxation, can make the muscle blood supply increases, thus get the nutrition supply adequate, the muscles become strong. Due to the movement of the body to promote the oxygen consumption increased, leading to breathing quickened and deepened, increase the vital capacity, pulmonary oxygen exchange acceleration. At the same time, also can promote the respiratory muscle strong, respiratory reflex and sensitivity adjustment increase, these changes result, will inevitably lead to increased respiratory function, gas exchange is sufficient, increase the oxygen content in the blood, thus greatly improving the The new supersedes the old. Sports can promote the secretion of gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive juice, improve gastrointestinal digestion, absorption ability. Furthermore, exercise can also improve the sensitivity of the nervous system; increase renal blood flow, improve the ability to excrete waste; stimulate bone growth, strengthen the joint flexibility and toughness. In short, the aging process of the elderly sports on the maintenance of health, and slow down the organs are all very important, therefore, the elderly must proper motion.

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