Correct way to use the treadmill


If fasting exercise, it can easily result in fitness sports anemia occurs, it is best to drink before running some juice or eat some bananas, energetic go exercise. So, what precautions when using the treadmill else? Quick Start mode selection: the opportunity to pre-set regular running program, fitness while running simply follow the prompts for data, you can choose a different exercise. Among them, the quick start mode can be adjusted at any time exercise intensity. From start walking: advice from 4-6 km / h walking speed, gradually transition to the run. In addition, brisk walking can be more fat to use for energy, fat loss effect is relatively better. Note the position of the body: When standing in the middle of the running to note the running belt and be careful not to deviation of. Too easy stepped forward base, easily left out too far back. To slow down: after fitness finish step, just under the treadmill may feel dizzy, this happens gradually running speed down, there would not be the case.

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