Some small details of life also helps detox


1, more water, intestine, especially the colon is the accumulation of feces place: more water can promote metabolism, reduce the waste of time to stay in the intestine, reducing the absorption of toxins, dissolving the water-soluble toxins. The best daily fasting drink a cup of warm water. Also in the morning drinking can reduce blood viscosity, prevention of cardiovascular disease.

2, two days a week to eat vegetarian, give the opportunity to the stomach to rest: because too much greasy or spicy food, it will produce a lot of toxins in the metabolism, causing a huge burden on the stomach.

3, eat fresh and organic foods: eat more fresh and organic foods, eat less processed foods, fast foods and soft drinks, because it contains more preservatives, colorings.

4, control salt intake in the diet: too much salt can lead to urinary retention, closed sweat, causing the body of water accumulation. If you have always tastes too much weight, you can try an alternative use celery salt containing natural savory vegetables.

5, appropriate antioxidant supplements: appropriate to add a number of anti-vitamin C, E and other antioxidants to help rid the body of free radicals.

6, do not eat too fast, multi-chew: this can secrete more saliva, and in a variety of toxic substances, causing benign chain reaction, discharge more toxins.


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