How to eat the nutrition of potato


Make potato dishes peeling, only a thin layer should be cut off, because the potato skin following juice is rich in protein. Peel the potatoes if not cooking immediately, should be soaked in cold water, so black, but not soak for too long, so as not to make the loss of nutrients; potatoes to simmer cooked, can evenly Shulan, if urgent fire cooked, cracking and even make the outer Shulan, which is born, this is a particularly important tips for cooking potatoes in a blue potato surface often long storage of spots, the fixings unsightly. Like to put some vinegar in the water boiled potatoes (per kilogram of potatoes, put a tablespoon), spots will disappear; silty rotten potatoes to a simmer, even with the skin is also difficult to maintain the integrity of cooking. If used for cold mix or potatoes Ding, in Riga water boiled potatoes some pickles, brine or vinegar, boiled potatoes can be kept intact; peeled potatoes should be stored in cold water, add a little vinegar water again, can make the potatoes do not change color; new potatoes into the hot water soak in cold water, reentry it is easy to peel off the skin. Can be used for cooking.

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