Oral cavity ulcer tips


Poor eating habits. The lack of nutrition, anemia, especially the lack of iron and vitamin B, spicy and stimulating food, eat acid and partial eclipse of the people, but also more vulnerable to the oral cavity ulcer around. Therefore, caused by eating oral ulcer patients, should pay attention to a balanced diet, light, quit alcohol limit. The digestive system disease. For example, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis are able to induce oral ulcer. Stomach problems need to pay attention to drug laws, can not arbitrarily stop drug, and obey the professional doctor’s advice. Infection factors. For example, the body of Helicobacter pylori infection, human herpes virus, may all be inducement. Mild cases of oral ulcer, method can try hot ginger water gargle. Specifically, with hot ginger mouthwash, daily 2 to 3 times, generally 6 to 9 times ulcers can be convergent. In addition, because after the winter many people have lavish meals, reduced fruit, vegetable intake, resulting in the lack of vitamins, and oral ulcers. Generally speaking, as long as the increase in yellow and dark green vegetables in the diet, and appropriate to add milk, egg and so on, can be eased.

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