How to alleviate shoulder pain


For the relief of joint stiffness, including treatment the ROM recovery: 1) functional exercise, have certain effect, but must persevere; some patients do not adhere to the. 2) manipulation under anaesthesia, under anaesthetic, manipulation solution conglutination by tissue around the joints, to restore the activity of shoulder joint degree. However the loosening techniques have certain difficulty, different techniques may be of therapeutic effects of different. In addition manipulation have fracture, dislocation, rotator cuff injury, injury of brachial plexus, periarticular soft tissue injury and other complications. And the use of this treatment need to be cautious. 3) arthroscopic adhesion release: for some of the more difficult to treat scapulohumeral periarthritis and some higher requirements on the quality of life of people, in recent years with the arthroscopic technique and equipment progress, international academic focus recommended by arthroscopy release the conglutination, stiff “shoulder periodontitis”, even outpatient operation can be completed. This is a great progress in the treatment of periarthritis of shoulder, periarthritis of shoulder arthroscopic arthrolysis has the characteristics of simple, fast, effective, mainly including the adhesion of rotator interval lysis solution, the coracohumeral ligament, ligament, tendon of subscapularis muscle loose glenohumeral. Postoperative pain and recovery for the mitigation of periarthritis of shoulder joint activity, has the obvious curative effect. Thus the arthroscopic arthrolysis for invalid conservative treatment of periarthritis of shoulder were, is a good treatment method.

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