How to exercise in patients with rheumatoid arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a kind of unknown etiology of chronic, inflammatory synovitis based system diseases. Features: it is the small joints of hands and feet of the multi joint, symmetry and invasive joint inflammation. Patients often accompanied by joint and other organs and serum rheumatoid factor positive, resulting in the loss of joint deformity and function. Exercise has very important influence to prevent muscle atrophy and joint ankylosis. The most basic, the most effective method of exercise is to maintain and restore joint function. Life is movement, movement training on patients with rheumatoid arthritis is more important. Learn the reasonable mode of motion in patients with rheumatoid arthritis should, must not because of pain and give up. The patient can walk, dancing, climbing stairs movement. Adhere to exercise every day for many times, each time a few minutes. Until the body adapt to the amount of exercise or feel good, then the proper prolong exercise time to 30-60 minutes. The patient can do some housework. For example: sweeping, wiping tables, such as fist, walk, kick, flexion and other joint activities. Can cooperate with physical therapy to improve the symptoms of. Patients can choose to do some simple stretching exercises, such as: palm push against a wall, put one foot in front, one foot in the post; feet toes off the ground, the rear foot tiptoe force. The calf muscles are tensed state, hold for 30 seconds. Fast walking, that is, walk 120 steps per minute. The so-called inverted walk, is walking backwards. The patient can walk each time 100 ~ 200 step, and selected in flat or square. Also alternating with fast walking. Of course, this method should be based on the patient’s symptoms and the reasonable choice of different. Experts suggested that the method should be carried out early in the disease, and the beginning not acuteness activity, should gradually increase the amount of exercise. Daily exercise frequency and exercise can not be excessive. Conditional, can carry out activities in the local thermal insulation under the premise of. Every day do 1 ~ 2 times of motion and continue to adhere to, try to make exercise useful and interesting.

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