Winter skin moisturizing tips


In the winter, toner is often overlooked steps, if you think it’s nourishing effect suck, but it isn’t.. Toner, although the effect is not obvious, but every day from the skin the most as a layer of protective film of press close to, not only has two clean, and can promote the follow-up to the absorption of nutrients, is a complete skin care process linking. Don’t just rub lotion on the end of the skin care process, because of the added water not firmly lock the skin still not to care and repair. Normal healthy skin as long as the guarantee that the water reached 30% on it, so there is the idea of you don’t make mistakes, drink in moderation, eight glasses of water a day is enough. Because the skin out of the oil quantity and the stratum corneum moisture is sufficient, there is no absolute relationship. People with oily skin do not necessarily dry, so the skin condition according to timely adjust the use moisturizing products, is still very necessary.

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