How to eliminate the fatigue after exercise


After exercise, do some relaxing activities, such as walking or jogging first 200-300 meters 2-3 minutes later, lying in the sponge pad or rattan mat for a short break, placing the foot when lying down position should be slightly higher than the head, which is beneficial to the lower limb blood flow to the heart. Must not be lying there on the ground to avoid the cold water. Then 5-10 minutes to do stretching exercises, stretching the major muscle groups, such as the shoulder and back, waist and abdomen, upper arm, thigh, calf, these details are also belongs to the method of exercise skills. Bath after exercise, can not only clean the skin, make the mood, also can promote blood circulation, accelerate the discharge metabolic waste, promote the elimination of fatigue. But don’t move over toward the bathroom bath, it is easy to affect the body’s blood circulation, increase the burden on the heart. Especially the steam bath and sauna, if training immediately after use is easy to appear the phenomenon such as dizziness. Pay attention to nutrition material, ensure energy movement of consumption timely recovery, eating more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, soy products, milk and rich in protein and vitamins such as animal liver. These food through digestion and absorption of the human body can quickly make blood acidity reduction, neutralization balance to weak shout, eliminating fatigue. Sleep is the most effective means of eliminating fatigue. To be on time to sleep, to develop good habits. Ensure adequate sleep time and sleep quality.

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