From the lip color to see the health status


Dark red lip color – is not constipated? Many causes constipation, largely because the blood does not run correctly on the body caused by poor blood due. There constipation patients, but also because of poor blood lip color and dark color can not nourish.
Health conditioning: vegetarian dinner if this causes constipation, let the blood run is the key. Exercise is the most natural therapies, and with the choice of vegetarian as aftercare program, at least do not eat meat for dinner try to avoid too greasy meat and hypertrophy of the stomach caused by too heavy a burden, so early in the morning smooth excretion.
Lip white – there may be anemic? Generally, people because of anemia and hemoglobin content of red blood cells in the blood is lower than normal, only lip white, and eyelids pale, pale, pale nails, and both have no gloss white.
Health conditioning: farewell eclipse case of anemia, a large part is due to a partial eclipse caused. Eclipse is caused by a cause of malnutrition, if irregular diet, eating instant noodles busy, busy time outside Hu eat Hesse, in that case, not nutrition too simple, it is because the food is too refined cooking destroys the nutritional . Recommendations can be eaten raw carrots, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, vegetables and chicken livers such, liver, black sesame seeds and other foods.
There chapped lips – vitamin deficiency, right? Many women have had the experience of chapped lips, the more the more you want to lick dry, sometimes even bleeding. Since no sweat glands and salivary glands lips, so keep it moist and a little capillaries alone hypoplasia sebaceous glands.
Health conditioning: If you want to have moist lips externally advised both inside and outside. Topical fat content and the nature of soft lipstick, to “protect” treating symptoms. Oral diet should be diversified, balanced nutrition, water content and eat some food, such as soup, porridge, fruit.


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  1. ibear says:

    Healthy lips should be moist, soft, matte finish, but in many cases due to physical problems, leading to chapped lips, dark red, or mouth long soak. That these cases is what causes it? And how Conditioning?

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