Winter running need to warm up


For some physical ability is not very good people, when you’re tired of fat maybe haven’t started burning. Therefore, to effectively run to lose weight, now running before doing some stretching or relaxing exercise. Let the human movement into the state, the first part of glycogen consumption again to start running. The fat into the combustion time is shortened, the burning effect will be greatly improved. A good pair of running shoes will make running more smoothly. Experts recommend running can be cushioned shoes you choose completely fit the foot shape, reduce running on joints and cerebrum shake, plays the role of decompression. Especially need more weight relatively large selection of a good pair of shoes for running. Running can whenever and wherever possible, but in some cases are not suitable for running. Running can not be carried out on an empty stomach. Running on an empty stomach is bad for health, the best time is 2 to 3 hours after a meal. If in the morning jog, sports drinks suggest 30 minutes ahead of schedule drink help replenish physical strength. When a lot of people running is to determine the length of time according to their own state. Just started running time can be adjusted for 20 minutes, then increase the time. Because running is a kind of aerobic exercise. Therefore, at least 20 minutes of exercise can make the body burn fat. A lot of people in the planning will take an oath devoutly to run once a day. Because t. Because the job is busy this goal is not to stick to it. Running can actually 2 to 3 times a week. Running effect on joint is relatively large, if too many times will cause the joint fatigue, but also the formation of psychological pressure, more is not conducive to weight loss. After running, you need to add a lot of water. Some people will choose the white boiling water, others choose a sports drink. In fact, these two methods are not correct. Expert proposal, can drink some juice after running. This can not only replenish water, can also be added vitamins and minerals, ease muscle soreness.

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