The evening dry skin moisturizing tips


Step 1: thoroughly clean face, use the whole face Moisturizing Lotion Spray or mineral spray, make facial skin everywhere are completely absorb moisture. You can use water or mineral water, small molecules of water more easily absorbed. Step 2: apply moisturizing mask cast a moisturizing essence or apply moisturizing mask, let skin complement moisture into large amounts of energy, thoroughly moisturize the skin keratinocytes. The two step is actually can be done at the same time, the first painted moisturizing essence, need not wait for the complete absorption can be deposited mask, the mask 15 minutes, time is too long it will suck back water. Step 3: moisturizing emulsion painted thick massive appeal wiping moisturizing lotion, apply a thick layer, so that the skin absorption. Do not worry about oily skin at night, and sleep in the depth of the water is easily lost, so the Tu point moisture moisturizing cream also never mind. Skin care is best done before ten o’clock at night, because the night eleven PM to two am is a skin cells most active. Cleansing and exfoliating and moisturizing seemingly irrelevant, there is really only in the enjoyment of a completely relaxed after a shower, skin care before the official start.

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