How to eat vegetables to eat before you can drop blood sugar


Recommended daily intake of vegetables is not less than 500 grams, about two grams of food, which can ensure adequate dietary fiber, is conducive to reducing blood sugar. The principle is that the food nutrition is balanced, therefore, experts recommend eating more varieties of vegetables. It can maximize the use of the dietary fiber, hypoglycemic effect is better. But we must pay special attention to clean raw vegetables. The cup of water, salad, boiled more sugar. There are few people in the South eat vegetables raw habits, and some elderly people and people are not suitable for the spleen and stomach, often eaten raw vegetables. Experts suggest that these populations may wish to blanch the vegetables cold, compared to high temperature cooking, cooking in this way can retain more dietary fiber. In addition, it can save more nutritious than boiled fried, braised etc.. The more the vegetables, the more the fiber will be destroyed. That can be cut into segments, chopping blocks, and don’t chop mince, so you can better retain the fiber.9ee1a677jw1eo8rnmcefxj20zk0nq410

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