Beauty DIY


Daily work pressure, lack of sleep, large pores with air pollution will lead us to the nose is black. Black or black with black or black, although it can be done quickly clean pores, but it will make the pores again enlarged, and this method can reduce the damage to the pores of the skin when we go. Take a tablespoon of the milk and fish powder, heating the mixture, painted on the nose for 10 minutes, thoroughly dry and then tear off. If you just run out of home cleansing milk do not be afraid, Vaseline can also be used to remover oh! Usage is like using a cleansing cream, take appropriate amount in the face after washing clean. Will be a tablespoon of olive oil in the mouth, 20 minutes after the spit out. Note that in this process is not to the oil into the stomach! If you feel the taste can not add a small amount of orange flavor, can make fresh breath. Coffee contains caffeine, can directly into the dermis and promote cell cycle, reduce cellulite, so you can make your skin smooth and compact.

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