The stain on face how conditioning


Freckle basic good habits must be done:

1, strict sun. 2, to eliminate makeup.

3, taking various antioxidant foods, vitamin C (400mg / d) and vitamin E (200mg / d), green tea, OPC, collagen and the like;

4, moderate massage, moisturizing. 5, whitening to moderate.

6, prevention of radiation 7, fell in love with exercise.

8, eat tomatoes, lemon, fresh dates, sesame seeds, walnuts, barley, peanuts (including vitamin C, vitamin E, can promote blood circulation, inhibit the metabolism of waste into non-ferrous materials, thereby reducing the production of melanin, accelerate skin metabolism, promote new skin cell generation)
Eat: meat, eggs, milk, yogurt, potatoes, seafood (protein-rich, can promote skin recover faster and better physiological function)

9, eat soy sauce, vinegar, curry and other spices deep color, pepper, mustard, wine and other spicy foods, beverages


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