Method for preventing rhinitis in winter


Find a quiet place to sit back relax, breathe smoothly, and then start the following nasal massage steps. First with both hands rub heat, then with both hands palm finger the abdomen also clamped on both sides of the bridge of the nose, along the bridge of the nose hard to push up to the God court hole (in the head, on the current inter median straight 0.5 inch), and original way reentrant pushed down to two nose side, promoting the speed should be fast, forth and for a time, need to quickly push about 100 times, in nasal cavity hot feeling is preferred. The both hands rub heat, still with both hands finger respectively by rubbing Yingxiang acupoint (beside the alar rim midpoint when nasolabial fold), nose through hole (at the junction of alar cartilage and the inferior turbinate. When nasolabial sulcus do), Yintang points (in the forehead between the two brows). Three points are required to force the rubbing about 100 times, to produce a sore feeling or the emergence of the hot feeling of the nasal cavity is good. Again rub your hands palm. Then ask by for a moment on the cheek, then to palms and force to rub the cheeks and nose and speed should be fast, frequency of around 120 times should be making the cheeks and nose have thermal, stuffy nose or can be nasal breathing.

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