Freshwater fish can also be added to DHA


DHA and EPA are rich in marine algae and some plankton, in particular, some marine micro phytoplankton, which have the unique ability to synthesize EPA and DHA. Studies have shown that in the golden algae, Chlorella, dinoflagellates, diatoms, red algae, brown algae, green algae and crypto algae contain rich in DHA and EPA. All algae in marine fish as food after eating, began in vivo enrichment transfer, deep-sea fish are carnivorous, deep sea water temperature is low, to maintain body temperature, fat accumulating. DHA also will enrichment in the deep-sea fish body. Freshwater fish, shrimp, mussels and other mostly contain DHA and EPA, the DHA and the content of DHA in some fresh water fish are similar to that in the sea fish. By measuring with high content of silver carp, bighead carp, perch, catfish and other freshwater fish in DHA. DHA content was the highest in the sea bass, its muscle and visceral fat in the DHA content of its fatty acid composition of 18.6% to 20.1%, higher than the salmon DHA content of nearly 5 percentage points. As a result, freshwater fish are fresh, economic and effective sources of DHA and EPA. Usually, the content of DHA in winter and early spring freshwater fish is high, and in late summer and early autumn when the DHA content is relatively low. Eat freshwater fish can not only supplement of DHA and EPA, and because of the fresh water fish taste fresh, the elderly and children more love, this is also eat fish without advantage. So we can eat more fresh fish for good health.

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