Winter skin moisturizer


Wash a hot bath. The reason is very simple, concentrated to the skin replenishment. The winter night wash a hot bath, can not only ease the day’s fatigue and cold, but also within a short period of time to give the skin replenishment. Note that after a hot bath to wipe cream or lanolin a kind of skin care products, reduce water evaporation. Reduce the number of wash hands properly. Not let you do not love a clean, everybody has the experience, winter washing hands or face, if not wipe or wash too frequently, it is easy to cause chapped skin and frostbite, sooner or later, wash wash cleanly. Increase indoor humidity. There are many ways to increase the humidity. Family conditions in general friends can burn a pot of boiling water, let it continue boiling for a period of time to increase the indoor humidity, or put a small basin of water in the radiator, promote the humidity. Conditional family can buy a humidifier. Some partial oily skin care products can play a very good moisturizing effect, but be sure to choose the right skin care products, select the moderate oily, and the effect of water conservation is not beautiful. You can put a fish aquarium at home, and moisturizing and beautiful. Not so nouveau riche friends, you can put a potted plant, but also have a certain effect.aipxtk.net_2016010301

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