Male skin care


Men’s face steps will be simple. They directly rinse with clear water below the Department, and then use a towel to rub a rub on it. In fact, the male friend in the face to be careful, it is best to use facial cleanser, so that the deep clean, to help remove excess oil and dirt. At the same time can also promote the facial blood circulation, improve the color of our skin. We have to pay attention to the water temperature in the face. If it is dry skin, then the best way to wash your face with cold and hot water alternately, so that can stimulate the local skin blood circulation, enhance the skin elasticity. If it is oily skin, before the face is best to use hot towel Fumian five minutes, and then wash your face, so that is conducive to the discharge of the facial sebum, so that the area of skin becomes smooth and delicate and avoid skin wrinkles or skin relaxation phenomena. If you look around the male friend, at most, they are in the face with a cleanser, insist to do maintenance of the skin is less and less. Men want to have a healthy skin color, light do face cleaning work is far from enough. After washing the face, the male friend must not forget to smear the lotion and moisturizing lotion, but also to the regular deposition mask.

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