Minimize stay up all night to bring the body is hurt


Regardless of the outcome of the game makes you happy or sad, after staying up late the next day’s mood will always be poor, it is because of lack of sleep, the body heat is easy to get angry, emotional greatly affected. If a cup of water, neither skin edema in the next 25 minutes before bedtime, but also to adapt to the body of water allocation. Management of water distribution in the body when the priority will be assigned to the vital organs of water, the brain is to have an absolute advantage, so if slowly drink a glass of water before going to bed can ensure adequate moisture absorption of the brain, after a night’s rest after , the brain can full of energy after staying up late to watch the game, sleep time has been greatly reduced, this time to improve the quality of sleep, it is very important. How can we improve the quality of sleep, staying up late to solve the problem of poor sleep caused it? Try going to bed five minutes massage it! It not only allows you to relax and fall asleep quickly, but also let you energetic the next day.
Massage: Close your eyes and relax, with the index finger and thumb and gently massage the ear from top to bottom, for 2 minutes, press and hold the index finger pulp hairline and eyebrows 1-2 minutes and repeat once. Sedentary couch watching the game, likely to cause poor digestion, toxins accumulate. Insist on a green apple a day can effectively help gastrointestinal motility, releasing toxins. Green apples contain cellulose can increase intestinal bacteria, strengthening the immune system, but also to maintain intestinal smooth, slow aging, prevent constipation caused by sedentary. Cross-legged hoard Yi Zuo, let the blood does not flow easily, poor circulation, so that the accumulation of abdominal fat with legs. If we eat eat salty things, will intake of sodium chloride, will be more lower body blood circulation is not smooth, a temporary swelling. If you want to restore your legs and waist, we should drink a glass of lemonade every day to help the metabolic rate of the body of water, rapid recovery waistline, but also help lower body detoxification.


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