How to improve sleep quality


Go to bed 1 hours to 2 hours of this period of time, you should avoid exercise, because sleep needs a relatively calm state of the body, but when people exercise the body often in a state of excitement, the excited state often lasts for 2 hours or more, this is not a proper sleep! So don’t exercise before going to bed before going to bed 1 hours to 2 hours, the best to exercise and sleep interval of 1 hours, so you can make the sleep quality greatly improved! Before going to bed hair is also a kind of can improve the sleep quality of things, because people in sleep, although the body less energy consumption, but the blood or in the body of the loop, and the quality of a good blood circulation can effectively improve sleep, even to protect the health of the body! The hair is such a Things, the speed of blood flow in the brain is very important, in the blood circulation of the brain during sleep if there is a problem, it will lead to a significant decline in the quality of sleep. Generally 10 in the evening is people the most easy to doze and ten o’clock this time can as the night’s sleep period, remember, 10 o’clock to sleep early, but must not be late, because ten is a bit sleepy, more than this point is prone to insomnia such situation, so before ten o’clock must timely sleep.

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