Fitness tips for patients with hypertension


Primary hypertension patients doing exercise will help to lower blood pressure, but movement not breath, also try to choose some oxygen or jogging or swimming, the motion to control the intensity of exercise. Hypertension is also divided into several, we from the method is that it is a primary and that of, namely, high blood pressure is often caused by the disease, and so on, generally these people are patient, we usually do not advocate he do exercise, or to do exercise should be under doctor’s orders, according to the doctor’s advice to do some exercise. So we mainly for the essential hypertension patients can do exercise to help lower blood pressure, help him blood pressure control, then in the movement of the need to pay attention to several issues. The first one is to say if the relatively large fluctuations in blood pressure, the change of blood pressure is relatively large, this time we usually exercise blood pressure in particular should be paid attention, if blood pressure is relatively stable. Then we can do some exercise. Second special need to pay attention to, because in the middle of the motion process we try not to do some breath such movement, the in hypertensive patients is not suitable. Then from the sport of choice, we also choose some oxygen, large muscle groups mainly involved in such movement, for example, brisk walking, jogging swimming or jumping rope, etc. these movements, is the development of our heart and lung function, on cardiovascular function regulation ability is helpful. Is our in the movement process of intermediate respiratory don’t feel shortness of can be relatively stable breathing such an exercise intensity, from the point of view of the movement time, generally speaking we can exercise time can be chosen in 30 minutes to 60 minutes to do a range of. If there is no particular adverse reaction, the high blood pressure patients can do some aerobic exercise every day.aipxtk.net_2016012602

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