Men’s facial mask using method


Do not apply mask every day, over time, the hair follicles and sebaceous glands will be a long time because of obstruction and inflammation, causing acne and acne. To know the dependence of mask, excessive use of frequent will not make your skin really good, but will have a burden on the skin. Time continuous loss of skin keratinocytes also in the accumulation, when there is no time for exfoliating care, only pay attention to daily moisturizing mask deposited, which seems to not shedding of the horny coated with a layer of material let it temporarily smooth, accumulate over a long period is the result of the horny hypertrophy to not transparent, natural skin will lose luster becomes dry and lifeless. Suggest that you even use sleep mask best before going to bed will it clean frost to sleep again! You know sleep mask actually contains some skin irritation of chemicals, every day paste a layer of sleep, very easy to cause the “nutrition”, long Zhifang Li, even the skin absorb moisture, skin self repair ability will decline. Therefore, it should not be used every day, two times a week can be. Sleep mask is usually translucent or transparent gel texture, suitable for sensitive and oily skin. Recommended for dry skin, the use of oil to add a higher amount of moisturizing cream mask. And honey in the glucose, fructose, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other can be directly on the epidermis and dermis, cells provide nutrients, prompting them to divide and grow, if the common honey coated skin, then skin epidermal cells arrangement closely and neatly and full of elasticity, can very effectively reduce or remove wrinkles. Homemade honey mask is simple and cheap, men have a material at hand can try their magic effect.

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