Relief work fatigue


Summer heat makes faint head, many people take peppermint oil or mint bar smear, in addition to covet the transient cool feeling, also can let a person brain, and mint aromas has a hearty sense and summer heat. Sometimes fatigue is not only in work time, sometimes home dejection, feeling sluggish, completely unable to state. Please add 2 ~ 3 tbsp salt or salt and 3 ~ 4 drops of your favorite essential oil and mix thoroughly into the bowl, add the dissolved has been sung in the warm water in the basin, soak the feet, the hot water temperature not only alleviate foot fatigue, also let you relax, comfortable. The water temperature should be higher than the body temperature. When working for a long time and efficiency decline, stood up, open a big yawn, which is equal to a deep breath, inhale large amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide emissions, help to promote brain cell active again. Or, take a deep breath, can play the same effect! With a towel soaked in hot water, wring dry deposited forehead, eyes and forehead, deposited simultaneously or alternately deposited several, each 2 to 3 minutes, can play Xingnaojing, Mingmu, hearten spirit, relieve fatigue, improve the reaction and thinking ability. Hot bath can promote systemic blood circulation, relax the muscles of the joint, so that the excitability of the sympathetic nervous system is conducive to the elimination of fatigue, restore energy.

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