High blood lipid treatment program


Exercise and weight reduction can help lower cholesterol, but also lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure and increase HDL cholesterol. Cholestyramine, each oral administration of 4 ~ 5g, 3 times /d, to replace the parking colestipol, each time 4 ~ 5g, 3 times /d. During the course of medication should be regular blood routine, liver function and blood electrolyte inspection. For high cholesterol and high triglycerides treatment exist at the same time, start 0.1g, 3 times daily, according to the changes of blood lipid and tolerance, increased to 1 to 2G three times daily, skin flushing, itching, stomach discomfort, indigestion, elevated blood glucose, blood uric acid, peptic ulcer and other side effects, long-term use of should pay attention to check liver function. Acipimox acipimox, 250 ~ 500mg every night before bedtime, such as condition in breakfast with 250mg. Clofibrate, each oral 0.5g, 3 times /d.

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