How to make juice


When the fruit squeezed into juice, the flesh and the film is to get rid of. In this process, vitamin C has been greatly reduced, and that you have a large number of vitamin C intake. If the fruit itself contains very little vitamin (such as apples), then, in the process, get rid of the vitamin was almost twelve hundred net. Once opened juices began to lose nutrients. So, do not store the juice in the refrigerator too long. With the production of sterile nutrient orange juice, grapefruit, pineapple, etc. can be stored for 7-10 days. Other low-acidic fruit juice (apple, grape), after opening the week can be saved. If you buy unpasteurized juice, even if you do not open within a week you have to eat it. Size of the container can affect the vitamin content of fruit juice? How is this possible? But note that vitamin C is exposed to oxygen will decompose juice in a small container and packaging in the packaging stage will be exposed to more air. Nutritious fruit juices made from rich nutrition, such as citrus fruit. However, sometimes, in the juice will be manually add some nutrients, such as vitamin C. Please carefully read the label to find out what is inside with some substance. Maybe some brands of apple juice or grape juice you need to contain vitamin C, but it is also possible that other brands do not.


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