Men need to protect their intestines and stomach


Bacteria in the gut can communicate directly with the brain through the autonomic nervous system, thereby affecting a person’s mood. A number of studies have indicated that these bacteria play an important role in improving the immunity of human body, accelerating the metabolism, and even help to improve the effect of influenza vaccine. Man the human body is like a complex social network, there are a variety of micro-organisms, there are thousands of bacteria in the gut, weighing 1.5 kg, a total of 10 times more than the body’s own cells. These bacteria form a small community, as an assistant to digest, growth, immune and other physiological functions, and our physical and mental health are closely related. Intestinal time to protect our immune function, the function of the normal intestinal mucosal barrier and coordination of good intestinal flora ecology is a strong defense against disease. Most bacteria are men who eat into, if the intestinal barrier function is impaired, virulent pathogenic bacteria will break the protective barrier of intestinal mucosa into throughout the body, and then cause a variety of diseases; if the bowel health, these pathogens will have the beneficial bacteria resistance, not in a short period of time effective intrusion will with the stool discharge. Intestine is the human body “umbrella”, its protective effect once the failure, the disease also followed. The study found that 50 kinds of men, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, autism, and other diseases are associated with intestinal flora imbalance. Men’s daily intake of nutrients, will be “trapped” part of the bacteria, for their growth, reproduction, and produce a lot of metabolites, some of which are the human body can not or rarely synthesized useful substances. Butyrate is the essential energy of intestinal ithelial cells to fall off regularly.aipxk.net_20160201012

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