Several parts of the body telling you sick


Large round head who suffer from a greater chance of sleep apnea syndrome. In the soft white light, his face and eyes yellow, are obvious symptoms of hepatitis or jaundice disease. Liver area between the eyebrows. Alcoholism or other “toxins” ingested too much in this area will be reflected. Right eyebrow concentrated more likely to get angry, people are left eyebrow concentrated tend to suppress anger. Usually hormonal imbalance will be reflected on the chin, like acne and so on. However, once the congestion adult chin, then the kidneys are overworked, physical and mental pressure is too great. Cheek rash may indicate that the body of oxygen, the need for timely improve breathing. The site is also prone to acne, topical medications should be taken promptly, while controlling the coffee stimulate food intake. Changes reflect gastrointestinal problems lips, jaw discomfort reflect colon problems, discolored spots or rash around the lips spot reflects poor bowel movements, bloating or loss of appetite. Large nevi his body should be the heart melanoma (skin cancer the most common male). “Apple-shaped” body of men than “pear-shaped” is more likely to suffer from heart disease. There pregnant with type 2 diabetes who suffer from great danger. Short legs on the length of the person at greater risk of heart disease. Compared with the normal ratio, legs will increase by 10% shorter than the upper half inch each, coronary heart disease risk. For thirty or forty men, white ring appears if the outer edge of the cornea, indicating high cholesterol.


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