Proper use of washing machine


1, a wash in the end some people in the laundry, as water, is usually the first wash underwear, then wash coat, and then wash your socks and other debris, pot washing in the end, dirty and dark. Although some of this guarantee clean clothes, but the final wash contaminated clothes very serious. Especially socks and underwear women shuffled greater harm, cause female genital diseases.

2, for a long time and some people do not clean up the washing machine washing machine never cleaned, just turn to move out has been washed, drained at the inner wall filled with fabric scraps and dirt, the breeding of many viruses, bacteria. Laundry process in which dirt and bacteria will be exposed to the clothes.

3, a lot of people think that excessive use of detergent dirty clothes, detergent or consider cheap, often excessive use of detergent, rinse time is not enough, however, the clothes often residual detergent. Detergent mostly benzene compounds, some irritation to the skin, but also affect liver function.

4, wash all clothing along with some artificial convenience and save time, replaced all the clothes into the washing machine to wash concentrate together, stir in the washing machine, the friction of the process, the bacteria on clothing, colors, shedding fibers, inevitably mutual contamination. Get the dry cleaners to wash clothes more complicated, there are healthy people, patients, and perhaps infectious patients.


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