6 simple ways make you handsome


After facial cleansing work done every night before bed to vinegar: glycerol = 5:1 mixture into a smear on the face and neck, you can sleep overnight, but also in half an hour and then rinse with water after Tu night sleep, after about two weeks the skin was white slip. The 250 grams of walnuts soaked in 500 grams of vinegar in the bottle sealed, 10 days that is able to drink, drink two tablespoons a day after meals can improve rough skin, dull, is cheap and beneficial food therapy. To 500 g of vinegar soak 250 grams of soy, the time required 15 days, as the cap seal, taken daily after 10-15 vinegar soy after breakfast chewing on the faded spots are very effective in reducing the face, while lowering cholesterol and improving the effectiveness of liver function. Because even tiny particles of salt, the water is easy to melt characteristics, painted to massage the skin, it can effectively remove dirt and aging skin face, while effectively maintaining skin moisture is not taut, therefore, pay attention to the natural skin care Today, the salt can also be used at home, homemade natural Scrub. Eyes can easily crush the long lines to try, quite used, plus a little bit of boiled white fungus with an hour or so, preferably boiled very thick soup, and then deposited in the eyes, the rest can be placed in the refrigerator, the time longer will have a good effect. Scratch potato skins, then cleaned, cut into thick slices about 2 cm. Lying, the potato chips deposited in the eye, and so on for about 5 minutes, then rinse. Deposited in the night, but also help eliminate eye fatigue. Potatoes with large one is better, because the coverage is large. It contains silty, can add the missing eye.


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