Chocolate benefits can not be ignored


Cocoa content dark chocolate, ranging from 50% -90%, cocoa is rich in flavonoids called polyphenol, can inhibit the intestinal protein, chloride ions and water absorption, and thus to reduce water loss and prevent people from diarrhea dehydration effect. Chocolate can raise the level of chemicals in the brain called “Selo Toning” is. It brings a feeling of peace, better eliminate tension, relieve stress play a role. Research shows that the sweet smell of chocolate can reduce the chances of suffering from a cold. Chocolate contains theobromine beneficial neurological health, the effect is better than the common cold and cough medicine. Healthy eating dark chocolate for 15 days, 100 grams per day, has been enhanced sensitivity to insulin. Doctors estimate that dark chocolate for diabetics may have some help. A recent study also found that dark chocolate flavanols can play a role in blood sugar stable. Dark chocolate contains a compound that can reduce the extent of brain damage in stroke patients within 3.5 hours. The researchers said that a week to eat a chocolate, can reduce the risk of stroke by 22%.


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