Skipping breakfast hazards


Do not eat breakfast, lunch and dinner when bound to eat too much food, especially dinner, go to bed soon after dinner. The body a chance to digest and absorb, over time, overwhelmed the body, making the excess heat, can easily cause the accumulation of fat, fat people. Skipping breakfast will become easy fat physique, so breakfast was way to lose weight! Do not eat breakfast and smoking, alcoholism, gambling and other vices, like overnight, will seriously affect the man’s appearance. If you do not eat breakfast, anemia, malnutrition, psychosis might take advantage of. This not only seriously damage your health, but also easy to make women’s skin was ugly gray or sallow. Do not eat breakfast, the body can only use stored glycogen and protein in vivo, over time can lead to dry skin, wrinkling, and anemia, accelerated aging. If you often do not eat breakfast, stomach colon reflex action will gradually weaken, and finally cause constipation. Skipping breakfast will not only cause long-term shortage of energy and nutrient intake throughout the day, and, in general to ninety o’clock in the morning hungry phenomenon occurs, causing excessive friction intestinal wall, damaged intestinal mucosa, resulting in digestive diseases caused by malnutrition, so that the body’s immune system to reduce the body’s resistance will be greatly decreased. If you do not eat breakfast, no food in the stomach, the still creeping, which will stimulate gastric acid secretion in the stomach in the evening will not only damage the gastric mucosa, but also because there is no chance of gallbladder bile discharged, leaving bile cholesterol a lot of precipitation, deposition, knot over time, people susceptible to gallstone disease. Skipping breakfast affect gastric acid secretion and bile, which would weaken the digestive system function, induced gastritis, ulcers, gallstones and other digestive diseases. Operation to call brain blood glucose, i.e., glucose, which is only able to use the brain energy reserves. If you do not eat breakfast or breakfast inadequate nutrition, blood glucose levels will be relatively reduced, and thus can not timely delivery of sufficient energy to work the material of the nervous system. Skipping breakfast to start the day’s work on an empty stomach in the body in order to get power, they will spend the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland and the like, to burn tissue, in addition to causing the gland hyperactivity, they can also make constitution becomes acidic, increasing the chances of suffering from chronic diseases. If there is no food in the stomach in the morning, then the body will form blood clots more B-globulin, which can lead to a blood coagulation protein predisposes myocardial infarction.


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