Taste tells your body what is missing


Eat chocolate.

May mean that the body lacks the B vitamins, especially vitamin B6 and B. B vitamins help the body metabolism, once the lack of people tend to feel tired, depressed. Chocolate can sense people happy by releasing serotonin.
Solution: Eat more foods rich in B vitamins, such as tomatoes, oranges, grapes, pears and other fruits, in addition to milk, beans, nuts, spinach are rich in vitamin B.

Want to eat meat.

Described as inadequate amino acid or iron and other minerals the body. Many people face the meat and fat that comes out of seductive fragrance, defenseless, leading to eat too much, causing metabolic diseases.
Measures: Available mushrooms, sesame flavor foods instead. Mushrooms contain a variety of vitamins, polysaccharides and other phytochemicals that can prevent chronic diseases; sesame seeds are also rich in vitamins, rich in protein, antioxidants and the like. In addition, peanuts, soybeans also a good choice.

Eat salty.

Not because of lack of sodium in their bodies, but because too much pressure. The more life stress, fatigue of the crowd to eat more salty. The flavors will make the taste buds dull, leading to a vicious cycle of eat more salty.
Solution: In fact, many vegetables also contain a certain amount of sodium chloride, even when cooking without salt, careful to eat a little salt also appreciate the taste. Cheng Yi-yong said that we should consciously reduce salt intake, maintaining a light diet. Put a little vinegar is recommended cooking with peppers, onion ginger garlic, etc. to enhance the flavor.


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