Barbecue in the end how many degrees to tender and delicious


Meat at 70-75 degrees Celsius Kami most fresh. Whole poultry to be heated to 82 degrees Celsius, the meat will be cooked thickest. And like beef, venison marinated let cool and then eat taste is quite good, the temperature dropped to make the meat firmer, nor the smell of fish out of the steaming time, but let bittern cooked food should not put long, avoid deterioration. Meat during the processing of the bacteria most likely to spread, so, at least to 71 degrees Celsius was safe. Lamb is a special case, because of the higher boiling suet, easy to melt, so the end of the lamb and serve hot hot talent to smell the fragrance of suet, about 80 degrees Celsius, stir-fry, steam, stew, microwave cooking better relative fried, boiled, char-grilled, fried etc. inappropriate. Vegetables at 60-85 degrees Celsius, be careful not to burn into his mouth. Seafood pan temperature should be around 90 degrees Celsius, the temperature should be 70 degrees Celsius edible, it is neither too hot, and the most delicious taste. When frying oil temperature is too low seafood, seafood unsanitary immature, high purine content, easy to cause diarrhea; But when the temperature is too high, it will solidify the protein contained in seafood, but also become less digestible.


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