Summer sweating can’t wash them immediately with cold water


Not immediately rinse with cold water after the summer sweating. After sweating, skin blood vessels still in the expanded state, immediately washed in cold water, the skin by cold stimulation causes vasoconstriction, but will make the cooling difficulties, fever. Meanwhile, the amount of blood flowing to the heart suddenly becomes much, will increase the burden on the heart. Also, the body heat from the environment look into the cold environment, too late to adapt to the adjustment, often susceptible to colds or cause gastrointestinal spasms. Sweating after workout muscle fatigue, tension increases, if more then stimulated by the cold may also lead to cramps. Already sweaty skin is not appropriate to cold or cold towel, you should wipe with warm water or warm towel. Because the skin is cold stimulation, the pores will be closed, will shrink capillaries, distributing body heat does not come out, then the body will produce Fanre feeling. If using warm water, the skin surface is subjected to thermal stimulation, the pores can be quickly opened, along with the expansion of capillaries, the heat will be more sporadic out faster, the body will soon feel cool and comfortable. After sweating in the summer should be appropriate to drink some salt water, and then rest for about 1 hour, do some preparations wash cold water bath. If conditions permit, the best warm bath. Salt deficiency can drink a little salt in an appropriate finish after exercise because sweat will take away a large part of the salt, and the human body in order to maintain osmotic balance must add salt, so that drinking salt water would be better, if you consume too much physical , then it is better to drink sugar water, add sugar syrup mainly, everything depends on the situation friends. However, under normal circumstances the summer to drink some cool stuff.


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