Summer mosquitoes are most afraid of what flavor


Mosquito bites are a big problem in summer, use insect repellent will a security risk. This article tells you what flavor to help you easily repelling mosquitoes are most afraid of. Experience descendants secrete a garlic flavor, mosquitoes will stay away. Before eating garlic, sliced ??its best first, for 15 minutes, better repellent effect. Garlic can also be sliced ??and placed on a window or smear screens to prevent mosquitoes entering the room. Soybean oil made from the ordinary mosquito repellent mosquito repellent containing the chemical repellent ingredients equally effective. Low cost of soybean oil, and very common, is the best choice repellent. In addition, soybean oil has excellent emollient effect, smear a small amount in the body is exposed position, both skin care and anti-mosquito. Black pepper also has obvious insect repellent effect. Usually it can be spread in the window, door or pots edge to prevent mosquito breeding and invasion. The aroma of lavender insect repellent effect is very satisfactory. Best to use lavender essential oil diluted with soybean oil before. Lotus lotus plants is an effective insect repellent, while killing mosquito larvae. Therefore, the summer home might raise some small lotus plants. Catnip will make mosquitoes, “fear”, which is a mosquito repellent effect of essential oils exposed 10 times.


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