The relationship between obesity and hypertension


Obesity is due to excessive intake of high-fat foods the body, causing the formation of fat accumulation in the body fat of people. Due to obesity and high blood pressure caused by the formation of essential hypertension and renal different from hypertension. Due to a significant increase in adipose tissue of obese people, the expansion of the vascular bed, the relative increase in the amount of blood circulating in the case of a normal heart rate, cardiac output to increase the number of long-term overburdened, left ventricular hypertrophy, elevated blood pressure.

In addition to obesity-induced hypertension, but also induced diabetes, hypertension, diabetes is one of the most serious complications. Eating too much, increasing sympathetic nervous system activity, the activity enhancement of noradrenaline, the sympathetic activity rate, increased blood pressure. Obese people adrenocortical hyperfunction, a certain degree of sodium and water retention, further increasing the circulation rate, exacerbated by high blood pressure. Can induce hyperlipidemia is precisely atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. Obesity, high cholesterol is a necessary companion. Hyperlipidemia is the blood triglyceride and cholesterol increased. Obesity increases body fat, blood fat will also increase, so in severe obesity generally will be accompanied by hyperlipidemia.

The incidence of obesity and high blood pressure is proportional, studies show that less than 10% when overweight, hypertension was 10.3%, compared to normal weight people only a slight increase; overweight and 10% -20%, the high blood fat was 19.1%, equivalent to 2.5 times the normal weight population; When overweight 30% -50%, up to 56% incidence of hypertension, is 7.2 times the normal weight population. In other words, there are more than moderately obese friends, more than half may have high blood pressure.

We have a reasonable diet, adjust the diet to control weight as the goal. Meals need to diversify, to be not picky eaters, not a partial eclipse, not overeating, control snack, eat high-fat foods such as fried foods, eat more brown rice, cereals, pasta and fresh vegetables contain more fiber and fruit.

In addition, we must adhere to exercise, especially young friend, do not sedentary, it is best to have daily physical exercise one hour or so, which is conducive to enhancing respiratory function, to ensure cardiovascular health. At the same time, but also appropriate to relieve stress, reduce fatigue. Physical exercise will also help increase bone density and strengthen the development of neuromuscular coordination, enhance immunity.

Therefore, prevention of hypertension, proper weight loss, can be effective in preventing the onset of high blood pressure, reduce the incidence of hypertension.


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