Outdoor Walking Fitness Tips


Be sure to follow your own pace to go: Do ??not try to be brave buried shoved away, it will consume a lot of energy, the result is that haste makes waste. If you and a lot of people walking together, it is best to find a similar pace and his own companions counterparts. Walking out the first few times when the best stick for several hours, but do not plan to have to go far, through this several times thoroughly, and for their ability to understand later, then the appropriate increase: scientifically measure their physical Walking through strength. Do not just walk down, but missed the surrounding landscape: outdoors hiking, physical fitness is only one purpose, not for some of the so-called “self-flagellation” purposes to runaway, high-intensity strength to pay, sometimes more harm than good. Remember when walking outdoors, the most appropriate speed to be able to go a whole day to maintain their speed. Learn to rest footwork: For walking, everyone has their own way, on foot, it should use a method of comparing the comfort of their walk, so you can get the effective use of physical science. Walking time to “eat drink”: The definition is not binge drink eat, if you eat too much, the estimated road might have to get away. Eat drink here refers to the frequency of eating and drinking, walking time, a large body heat loss, for added strength, you need to replenish food and water. Before climbing the slope can be suitably drink some water. If the weather is hot, sweat more, you can add some salt in drinking water properly. In the course of the foot rest to pay attention to science: general need a break every 50 minutes to walk 10 minutes, different people can be measured according to their own circumstances and subtraction. Safety first is the premise for outdoor relaxing foot. In the wild, if you do not accidentally lost, is not a trivial matter. To avoid getting lost, except with an experienced leader, guide activities. As a participant in the foot every time, also need to be more careful, aware of their position and orientation. If the team so careful “wise old birds,” there are a lot, once lost are generally able to return to when the road.


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