Travel Fitness Therapy


Spa treatments: Hot Springs telangiectasia body temperature can promote blood circulation, and mechanical buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure can play a role in water massage, convergence, swelling, pain and function. Thus spa Liao method of skin diseases, muscle and joint diseases, digestive diseases, circulatory system diseases have a good effect.
Thalassotherapy: Ocean beach with a small temperature difference between the climate, intense solar radiation reflection characteristics, are particularly suitable for sunbathing exercise. Sea Physiotherapy has now become the world’s a specialized body of knowledge. Thalassotherapy indications are blood diseases, diabetes, heart disease, neuropsychiatric disorders, respiratory diseases and skin diseases.

Forest therapy: forest trees due to photosynthesis during the day and the surrounding atmosphere rich in oxygen. As the tree branches covered with water easily evaporates, so the more humid. Forest climate is generally suitable for certain neurological diseases convalescence.
Alpine therapy: It is measured, an altitude of 1500 meters above the mountains, with a daily average low temperature, solar radiation and atmospheric particulates and contaminants less features, so as diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis, whooping cough, patients with schizophrenia and other news raising more appropriate.


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