What need to pay attention when traveling


Plans to develop the same program as meeting our movement, and then put it credited to your calendar, set up automatic e-mail reminders.
If possible, try to exercise in the morning. Business travel, the day is usually a long, uninterrupted meal with clients or social events, this evening will affect your exercise program. In addition, the movement in the early morning can make you the spirit of times.
Most hotels have a gym. Call in advance to ask open gym time and equipment conditions, after understanding, you can decide whether to bring a number of other devices, such as chest or bathing suit.
In addition, DVD player, can be connected to the hotel room TV or laptop, if you like a fitness class DVD, you can carry it in the hotel to do some regular exercise.

Business travel, you may never forget to bring your laptop or mobile phone. If you are on vacation, you will never forget to bring a camera and a guide map. Similarly, you should also bring your sneakers and sports equipment. Just like your computer is a tool for the job, your sport is your sports shoes “Tools.”

When traveling, when you miss your “plan” campaign agenda, little other sports also much better than doing nothing. In the hotel room, do a few push-ups or some yoga, running up and down the stairs a few back and forth, even 10 minutes of movement will have an effect.
Another good place for a campaign is the airport. If your plane is boarding lounge at the farthest you can not take the escalator, but strode to the gate (remember to wear comfortable shoes).

The restaurant is to serve you, and eat more vegetables instead of high-starch, high-fat foods, more soup.
If you attend a cocktail party, point to drink a glass of water on the side. Whether you drink alcoholic beverages, soda or coffee, water can reduce your intake of energy, and the impact of alcohol and caffeine. Also, always remember to bring water. Travel will dehydrate the body, always add water to relieve hunger and keep you awake.


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