One hour before exercise in respect of water


Drink plenty of water before exercise is necessary, especially when doing physical exercise and more consumption to prevent movement when the water is not timely. One hour before the general movement to a half hour should drink plenty of water. For general exercise, drink plenty of water can be large if the exercise intensity, time of over three hours, it is recommended to drink milk or chocolate milk, you can supplement with sweat loss of sodium and calcium, but also to provide energy, help the body recover. If you do not like milk, drink coconut milk can. Clark stressed, do not drink too much sports drinks replenish electrolytes, because food can replenish electrolytes. Sports perspiration when everyone is different, not the same need to add water, as long as the line does not feel thirsty. Generally, people who sweat easily the best supplement every 15-20 minutes 110-170 ml of water, about 10-15 small mouth.


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