Loquat fruit can help you stop cough


Loquat fruit contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, pectin, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Which is rich in carotene can improve people’s vision, healthy skin, promote fetal development. Contains malic acid, citric acid, can increase appetite and help digestion.
In addition, loquat fruit or skin care beauty to share, with its flesh wringer coated with wrinkle whitening, moisturizing skin color role.
Loquat fruit is not only good fruit in season, and there is a high medicinal value. Chinese medicine believes that loquat fruit cool, lungs, lung, cough, and stomach, thirst, under the gas, the power antiemetic for vomiting, epistaxis, parched with thirst, vomiting and sickness, especially the treatment of multiple cough and respiratory diseases caused by species, unique.
Summer diet of children Hyperactivity cough, sputum, or young tuberculosis cough, hemoptysis, loquat fruit can be eaten raw daily several pieces, or 15 loquat fruit decoction, morning and evening hours.
For chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other disease-prone in the winter, in the summer to take a more righting treatment, ie “Winter Disease,” and the rank and file of loquat fruit walnut is an effective therapeutic products, patient adherence to daily consumption ( 2:1 proportion), capable of nourishing the lung and kidney, improve Pulmonary function, enhance disease resistance.
The loquat fruit juice, add leaves, nuclear, slow fire torment, to leave residue juice, add sugar upon thick, made of loquat fruit paste, can be lung, rather cough, throat. The loquat fruit paste sealing possession, taking the fall to remove, summer fruit in autumn, treatment Qiuzao cough, dry throat and nose, especially the special effects.


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