Five nasal problem solving


1 blackheads
Blackheads are skin whitening natural enemies in the nose and surrounding parts, often have oil secretion, these oils will eventually harden, become black after oxidation. Nose effects is not complete, often go to a beauty salon on the nose skin and pores are not small damage, so blackhead focuses on daily care. Regularly with deep exfoliating cream exfoliates; purchase milk plants soften blackheads, blackheads spreads at 10-15 minutes after the wash (generally 2-3 times a week, every serious use); then shrink pores regulate water use , astringent, reduce oil secretion.
2 large pores
The nose is strong oil secretion of the site, along with improper age, and skin care products to use, will make the pores bigger and bigger, and the nose is the most protruding part of the face, the more aesthetic impact. Usually should regularly deep cleaning and daily cleaning must be done the correct way to avoid the accumulation of fat in the pores of dirt; After washing the face, shot on a mild contraction of water-containing component of convergence (or) gently to the next on the beat, will continue for some time after the delicate pores look a lot, but also has the effect of suppressing the secretion of sebum.
3. Shine
You do not want them staring at you, your nose like a light bulb lit it! Adequate sleep, regular rest, avoid staying up late, drink plenty of water, and more draft, wash with restraining water is the only way to control oil secretion . You can also use oil on paper, but not too many times, two times a day can be.
4 spots
The emergence of pigmentation of the skin there is always a trace of regret not wipe the nose a few spots on the head, a kid can be regarded as a lovely; But after the adults, it can be regarded as unsightly. The use of qualified products, can dilute the stain. Note that you can say lemon juice, lemon contains vitamin C can whitening ingredients, but unrefined natural lemon vitamin C not only can not be directly absorbed by the skin, but also contains an ingredient called solanine, easy to form a stain. If you are to attaining lemon peel or juice, and then the sun, then the opportunity will greatly increase the pigmentation.
5 redness
Eating too much chocolate and other sweets, may lead to telangiectasia on the tip of the nose, which nose redness; snacking habits of women have used nuts, fruit or yogurt instead. If the entire nose redness, apart from the cold weather and other reasons, will have to consider whether an excessive burden on the heart, whether there rosacea, go to the hospital for treatment.


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