Wash your face with soda solve the problem of large pores


Wash, put a little baking soda in the cleanser, you will find a rich and delicate foam becomes flexible, washed the skin clean and fresh, but also clean around the nose blackheads, pores will shrink. Jasmine refreshing liquid. Not take full jasmine flowers immersed in cold water, standing a few days later sealed, blended with a little medical alcohol Serve. Shot in the face after face, can shrink pores. The main reason is because the pores excessive sebum secretion. Baking soda can shrink pores that it is a basic principle of our oil is acidic, it will be the acid-base neutralization, it will soften the blackheads are not blocking the pores place. This method really works and does not harm the dermis. Jasmine has some bactericidal anti-inflammatory moisturizing effect, can promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion, therefore, improve large pores also have some effect.


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