Men should pay attention to clean the shaver


Up every morning and men shaving is most essential activities, so razor for men has a pivotal position. But even if it has a very important position, how long will you clean the shaver times, how will clean the shaver it? Some men will not even talk about this clean razor. In fact, clean the shaver can not be ignored, today let small as we explain why to clean the shaver.
Experts pointed out that the bacterial content of the phone comparable to the toilet, that razor’s it? According to Taiwan’s research shows that the number of bacteria than we razor toilet cover more than 125 times. In other words, if you do not clean the razor, it is easy to make bacteria and other stolen stuff adsorbed on the blade. If facial skin is damaged, it can cause infection after use.
So the doctor suggested from time to time to clean the shaver is very important for the protection of men’s health. To clean the shaver timely, under normal circumstances, be clean after each use. The blade razor blade removed after each use with a brush to remove the adsorbed or cotton residue on the blade after use of two or three times, the blade can be immersed into the alcohol and then wiped with a cotton back.

If you use an electric razor, it does not mean you can not clean the shaver. Use an electric shaver on 2 or 3 times should be cleaned. When cleaning, first with a small brush on the remaining net shall be broken knife and skin debris, then a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to gently wipe off the grease on the blade, but do not use some of the harder things to scrape Otherwise, easy to damage the blade.
After cleaning the razor, razor care to pay attention. Whether or electric type razor blade type, after cleaning, the best rubbed some oil on the blade to prevent rust.
Razor is indispensable men products, in that case, how can you ignore the good partner with your health are closely linked to it. Timely clean razor, razor attention to cleanliness, it would be common sense to go into care, it is equivalent to the exchange for clean and fresh every day.


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