Man eat chili can relieve stress


Adjusting the angle of depression, it can indeed be adjusted by eating some food mood, everyone is talking about diet. Eat something they like to eat, but also therapeutic. From this perspective, do like to do, but also to regulate emotions.

From the physiological point of view, chili can give decompression reason is that the pressure might cause the slow gastrointestinal motility, poor appetite, constipation and other issues, the capsaicin in peppers can promote gastrointestinal motility, with appetizers role, and can speed up the people metabolism, the discharge part of the body of toxins, makes a kind of airy feeling.
The doctor said, with a diet to regulate emotions, we must control the amount, it will easily extremes meet, especially excessive spicy food, for a gastric ulcer, ulcer and asthma is definitely not a good habit. He suggested that instead of a big meal decompression, as frequent meals, then ran a few laps hair sweating, and then a hot shower more effective.
Spicy food can really help ease the emotional effect of work pressure, but there should be eating some spicy ending, especially for northern friends, etc. Due to the dry climate in northern climatic reasons, not too spicy fit, you should eat the right amount of .


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