40-year-old man should be less taking chlorpheniramine


Chlorpheniramine, also known as chlorpheniramine maleate, is the first generation allergy medication is one of the commonly used anti-allergy and cold medicines is the main component. However, long-term use it will affect prostate function, especially in older men with caution.
BPH is a common disease in older men. Prostatic hyperplasia bladder outlet obstruction, causes symptoms in patients with urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria. Chlorpheniramine with anticholinergic effects will detrusor relaxation, reduced contractility, increased symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, make urination more difficult. This is like the rush of people to work which would have met the traffic jam, the car has not oil, the result can be imagined.

Men after the age of 40 should be taken with caution chlorpheniramine. The second generation of allergy medications such as loratadine anticholinergic effects, such as a slight majority of male patients can be used under a doctor’s guidance.
If you do need long-term use chlorpheniramine, the best doctor checked regularly. Patients with prostate disease itself, the use of allergy medication should be noted during the review I-PSS score (IPSS), urinary flow rate checks, B-measurement of residual urine and other projects.


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