Life habit let a man maintain vigor


Shave the man looks than bearded men young 5. At the age of 5. Dermatology expert Dr. Kenneth Bill said, shave will stimulate facial collagen production, make the skin more smooth. Less point calorie intake can help reduce the probability of occurrence of inflammation, and inflammation may result in the decrease of human cognitive ability. The scientists said, the best daily calorie intake by 30%, for example, the original 2500 calories per day, it is best to lose 750 calories. The long-term lack of sleep will accelerate the skin aging, because the eye muscles get exercise rapid eye rotation during sleep, but the lack of sleep, eye muscles will atrophy, leaving black rim of the eye. 3 hours per week of exercise intensity, can let a person feel 10 years younger. Intelligence was significantly lower than that of healthy teeth dental patients. The reason is, the problem such as gingival bleeding will cause more severe inflammation in the body, resulting in brain injury. Regular brushing, flossing, maintain oral hygiene, the brain can be more sensitive. A man in the middle, hair loss is more and more obvious. In the early loss, cropped hair is the hair more thick, more young people, long hair but easily exposed scalp.


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