Runny nose is not necessarily a cold


We can often see such a scene: while some children playing while “whirring” pour sucking nose, nostrils before hanging two “big slug” retracted one would then climb out, so that moms and dads fret. Then, “slug” is not only to climb out of it when cold? Moms and dads can learn by observing the child’s nose to the health situation? Nose is about? Nose main component of water, proteins, carbohydrates, salt, and some loss of cells, in addition, contain other sticky dust, pollen and the like. Under normal circumstances, a healthy person’s nose will probably generate a few hundred milliliters of clear nose every day, these are colorless and transparent nose, maybe some people will be wondering: not seen every day in our runny ah? That this snot ran arising where to? In fact, these nasal cilia movement along the nose, the nose has been flowing into the throat of the hole, and some is evaporated or dry, so we usually do not see it flow out from the nasal cavity.
If you receive some stimulus or nasal infection, the immune system will be distributed in the nasal histamine mobilize the active substance on the surface of mast cells, trying to eliminate these foreign substances, so they made more mucin, also produced More nose. Experts suggest that parents can observe changes in the nose of the viscosity and color to determine the initial baby disease conditions. View of the nose to identify disease traits
Watery nose: nose transparent, such as water-like, common in the early cold, or allergy to pollen, etc., can also be a lot of clear mucus flow in a short time. But if you often wake up in the morning with runny and stuffy nose, nasal itching, sneezing constantly, etc., it may be allergic rhinitis.
Sticky purulent nasal discharge: thick secretions, more common in the late cold, as cold cure, purulent nasal discharge will gradually decrease. But if more than two weeks of the nose is still discharging, or when children often have thick purulent nasal discharge, consider rhinitis or sinusitis due to infection, purulent secretions which mostly yellow-green, and accompanied by the smell. There are some kids because the nose into a foreign body failed to detect until a long time after the nasal side of the stream can also occur thick nasal discharge, and smell. Therefore, in this case, the effect of parents think that children are not cold, but should promptly bring the child to the hospital, so as not to delay the best time for treatment.
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma should be considered possible if mixed with bloodshot nose, the nose may be caused by trauma, there may be caused by vitamin K deficiency, if an adult, then mixed with bloodshot eyes, long nose in: laced with bloodshot nose . In short, for pathological nose, if according to the consistency and color of the nose to identify, identify the cause, and remove the cause, the phenomenon can make a runny nose and slowly reduce or even disappear. Also, if badly stuffed nose, mom and dad can also use damp towel to wrap the baby deposited nose, so the nose becomes smooth point, but note that towels can not overheat, so as not to burn the baby, while the pulp can also be used in the baby both sides of the nose gently massage.


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    If you are sneezing, sneeze in to a hanky, and make sure you wash your hands, especially before you shake hands or come in to contact with anyone else.

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